New Guardianship Rules in Pennsylvania Effective June, 2019

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has entered an order rescinding and replacing all guardianship rules and four guardianship forms. The new rules will be effective June 1, 2019 and are available here: http://www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Supreme/out/Attachmet%20%2010356638238010357.pdf?cb=1?cb.  Certain of the new forms — G-02 and G-05 — became effective July 1, 2018.  The Supreme Court has also entered an order directing that local guardianship rules be reviewed and that new rules be submitted to the Orphans’ Court Procedural Rules Committee for review no later than December 1, 2018.  All existing local guardianship rules will be vacated effective June 1, 2019.

Some noteworthy aspects of the new rules include the requirement that each proposed guardian undergo a Pennsylvania State Police criminal record check (Rule14.2(c)(2)) and a more comprehensive expert report form (G-06).