Melissa Dibble And Steven K. Mignogna Presented At EFPCSNJ Webinar, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Charitable Disputes And How To Avoid Them”

Partner, Melissa O. Dibble, and Steven K. Mignogna, Co-Chair of  Archer’s Estates and Trusts Department and Chair of the Estate and Trust Litigation Group, participated in the Estate and Financial Planning Council of Southern New Jersey webinar, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Charitable Disputes and How to Avoid Them” on Thursday, February 18.

This webinar explored disputes involving trustees and charities who are managing restricted charitable gifts.  The panel discussed the following topics:

• What is the current state of the law governing restricted gifts and charitable trusts when circumstances change?
• Who has standing to seek to enforce or modify restrictions on charitable gifts?
• What tools are available to modify restrictions when circumstances warrant?
• What is the role of the state Attorney General in enforcing charitable gifts and donor intent?
• What should planners know and consider to better help charities and donors draft gift agreements that reduce the chances of future controversy and better address possible changed circumstances?

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