You Better Think, Think Before You Try to Write Your Own Will

This week, three handwritten documents were discovered in Aretha Franklin’s house. Are they valid wills? Archer’s Steven Mignogna, Esq. chimes in: “This is an increasing problem in our society. Especially with more technology available, people are inclined to create their own wills. Given the importance of the creation of a last will, creating one’s own document is a risky venture, especially where, as here, the deceased person leaves a variety of assets and interests. As in this case, rather than confirming the decedent’s wishes, the documents create questions as to her intentions and leave room for disputes.

As a matter of intuitive human behavior, most people do not want to confront their mortality and so do not prepare wills, leaving their affairs in disarray. In addition, given the increase of “do it yourself” wills, the great majority of those which we have read usually have errors or ambiguities.”

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