Celebrity Estate Plans (Part 6): Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, known for his work as a professional dancer, choreographer, and producer, tragically died by suicide on December 13, 2022.  The famed dancer died intestate, and left behind his spouse, Allison Holker, also a professional dancer, and three minor children.  Holker filed a California Spousal Property Petition in an effort to prove she was married to Boss and, therefore, she is entitled to property belonging to a surviving spouse under California law.

As of April 26, 2023, the Superior Court of California granted Holker one half of Boss’s monetary earnings, including one-half of Boss’s interest from his shares in Stephen Boss Productions, Inc., one-half of his interest in a Goldman Sachs investment account, one-half of his interest in royalties from Cast and Crew Production Serves, and one-half of his interest in royalties from Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

It has not been confirmed whether Holker, another relative, or a neutral third party has been appointed administrator of Boss’s estate at this time, almost 6 months after his death.