William P. Isele Spoke at Nuts & Bolts of Elder Law & Estate Administration

When: Mon., April 20, 2015 at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where: NJ Law Center, New Brunswick, NJ

Speakers: William P. Isele, Esq. (Archer & Greiner, PC)
Martin A. Spigner, Esq. (Law Offices of Martin A. Spigner)
Adam P. Dubeck, Esq. (Dubeck Law Firm, LLC)

Pick up everything you need to know about elder law & estate administration,

• Why Have a Will? – Gathering information; standard provisions; designation of fiduciaries; protective clauses; sample forms; Ethics – who is the client?

• Powers of Attorney – Types of POAs; what should be included; why clients need them; POAs and Living Wills; sample forms

• Living Trusts (Revocable/Irrevocable) as an Estate Planning Tool – Why it should be used; Ethics – who is the client?; disadvantages; revocable vs. irrevocable; Insurance Trusts; sample forms

• Basic Tax Considerations – Jointly-held property; “I love you” Will; no Will at all; insurance owned by client; unlimited marital deduction; estate planning in the testamentary document; sample forms/letters

• Estate Administration – New Probate Law in New Jersey – Probate process; duties of executor/fiduciary; gathering of assets; tax returns; tax waivers; access to property; sample forms/checklists

• Medicaid Planning in Light of Federal Medicaid Reform – Countable assets of Medicaid applicant; income cap/Medical needy standard; look-back period; transfers of property; personal residence; Medicaid estate recovery rules; probate; undue influence; competency

…and more!


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